“Inspired Accounting For A Better Future”

eye glasses.

Clear Opticians

Opticians with a formidable 50 years history was on its knees and literally in the hands of the trustees of bankruptcy.

The stakes were high and the challenge real, our client stood to lose everything he owned.

He’d been through his fair share of accountants and bookkeepers.

A man that understood his business but never found his match with accountants. It was simple, prove every month that the business was viable and profitable otherwise be shut down.

We controlled the finances to the penny, solving internal problems, supplier problems, overpayment claims, reworked the VAT for opticians and ensured all the elements.

It was a 5 year deal and with the clients eye on retirement we assisted with the sale of the branches netting close to 3 million, helped service debt and now he sits in retirement in Cyprus.

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