“Inspired Accounting For A Better Future”

About Gower Accountants

"Inspired Accounting For A Better Future"

Our humble roots as a start-up in 2006 means that we didn’t “buy” our portfolio of clients – rather, we won and retained our clients through our efforts and hard work. Having started as a sole practitioner, our firm has grown organically to a team of five ACCA accredited accountants. With expertise spanning a wide and diverse range of fields, we take immense pride and joy in looking after your needs – whatever your sector or industry.

All work is completed in house. We never subcontract or send work out to Indian processing centres, as is common practice for many other firms. Much of our accountancy work is interrelated, so we are happy to provide either the whole package or individual services if you so wish. Rather than selling you whatever we want to sell, we take time to understand your business’s requirements, and then put together the most cost-efficient package for you.