Value Added Tax (VAT)

VAT Registration

Taxation in general is designed to allow the Government to collect revenue on the profit element of your trade and VAT follows this rule. But first you must be registered for VAT and Gower Accountants is able to register your business for VAT online quickly and with a minimum amount of fuss. Along with the VAT registration process, our VAT accountants in Leicester can assist in getting you up to speed with the various rates of VAT and can answer any of your questions. We will set you up with a system to ensure that VAT is handled in an efficient way. If it is handled incorrectly, VAT payments can quickly escalate into a nightmare. That is where our VAT returns service in Leicester is extremely valuable, providing you with the advice, help and guidance that is necessary for you and your business.

VAT Planning

Vat Return Leicester Accountant

As with any form of taxation, being ahead of the game will save you money in the longer term. Aspects such as the timing of registration and invoicing strategy can impact the amount of VAT you pay. HM Revenue & Customs operates a number of different schemes to simplify the burden and these can be used to reduce your overall tax liability too. At Gower Accountants we are extremely well versed in VAT planning in Leicester and our VAT accountants can assess the most suitable path for your VAT payments to take.

VAT Compliance

Our VAT accountants can, alongside our bookkeeping services, calculate and keep your VAT records. We will prepare your VAT Return online and notify you of the amounts payable. We pride ourselves in the fact that we have never missed a deadline for any of our clients and we aim to maintains this 100% record.

Whatever your VAT query, from start ups, to investigations, we can offer expert VAT advice to help you along the way.

Gower Accountants Leicestershire have the VAT and Accounting expertise and the business and personal commitment to help you to maximise the potential of your business, through the use of our VAT return services in Leicester..

Here at Gower Accountancy, we aim to find suitable solutions for businesses in a variety of sectors and pride ourselves on the service that we provide to each and every one of our clients. For more information about VAT planning or to arrange a free 30 minute consultation with our VAT accountants, please contact us by phone on 0116 220 6019 or send an email to