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They say “a picture paints a thousand words”

Our bookkeeping service aims to turn this …… into this:

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How You Can Benefit From Business Bookkeepers In Leicester

Clear, concise, accurate books with financial & business analysis is what you get when you outsource your bookkeeping to Gower Accountancy. We have significant experience providing Bookkeeping in Leicester based businesses and can provide you with references and examples of our solutions.

As professional business bookkeepers in Leicester, we are certain that no other bookkeeping services can match our standard of service at the prices we charge. We have many clients for Bookkeeping in Leicester and across the East Midlands who have benefited from outsourcing their bookkeeping to us. To fully appreciate the many advantages of outsourcing your Bookkeeping see our informative page entitled “Advantages of Outsourced Bookkeeping“.

It is very unfortunate that many of our clients only choose to outsource their bookkeeping to us once they have suffered endless frustration. When businesses choose to outsource their bookkeeping in Leicester, there are typically a number of reasons why, including:-

  • Additional liabilities after a HMRC enquiry
  • Generally too much tax being paid verses not enough cash available in the bank
  • Additional costs by year end accountant to correct errors in the books
  • High amounts of vat with no supporting documents to information to support the payment
  • No management reports or lack of clear information from the current bookkeeper
  • Lack of expertise or trust in current bookkeeper/accountant abilities
  • General fear of changing accountants

How Can Bookkeeping In Leicester Help Your Business?

There are so many advantages of keeping your books orderly & detailed below are some of the advantages that bookkeeping in Leicester can bring to your business:-

  • Identify & Quantify Profit Margins Accurately
  • Identity & Quantify Best Sellers
  • Provides Clear Indication of Cash Flow
  • Helps Identify & Stay On Top of Debtor
  • Identify Cost Savings Year on year
  • Predict Trends and Seasonal Variations
  • Help plan for tax
  • Identify expenditure and help save to create wealth

The expression, look after the penny’s and the pound’s will save themselves really does start with accurate bookkeeping.

Our business bookkeepers hold a firm belief that bookkeeping Leicester is the financial backbone to any business and if you are in the process of considering changing business bookkeepers or outsourcing your books for the first time then please give us a call.

As business bookkeepers in Leicester, we can provide you with a free no obligations assessment of your current processes and bookkeeping and report on recommended changes needed to meet your objectives.

Our bookkeeping services are simple and designed to minimise the impact on your time and wallet, whilst ensuring that you minimise your tax liability and never fall foul of the strict checks that are often during revenue investigations.

Our packages for bookkeeping in Leicester operate on a fixed fee basis and can include VAT, payroll and management accounting all agreed up front with no hidden costs.

Here at Gower Accountancy, we aim to find suitable solutions for businesses in a variety of sectors and pride ourselves on the service that we provide to each and every one of our clients. For more information about our bookkeeping service or to arrange a free 30 minute consultation, please contact us by phone on 0116 220 6019 or send an email to