Accountants for IT Contractors

As an IT Contractor you will require the services of an Accountant if you operate either self-employed or as a Limited Company.

IT contractors are subject to IR35 rules and all contractors operating via a Limited company should concern themselves with this issue. An oversight could cost you thousands of pounds. Simply put, you need to be sure you fall outside the scope of IR35!

In a landmark case, which has come to be known as “dragonfly”, it was determined that the way you deliver your services is just as important in HM Revenue and Customs eyes as your paper contract.

Specialist Accounts Preparation for IT Contractors

Our accountants for IT contractors in Leicester offer a contract review service to assess whether you and your company remain outside the scope of IR35. You will receive impartial advice specific to your circumstances. The fact that you undergo this step acts as evidence that you have taken reasonable steps to ensure your compliance. This will be invaluable should you be investigated in the future.

Self employed IT Contractors do not need to worry about IR35 as they will not be challenged by HM Revenue & Customs.

Whether you are in or out of IR35, accounts and tax returns need to be prepared and filed. Gower Accountancy Chartered Certified Accountants Leicester are small business specialists.  Apart from preparing your year end accounts and tax returns our IT contractor accountants in Leicester can guide you in almost any area of accountancy and tax.  Whether this is deciding to invest in a company car, make other investments or any other commercial decisions, we can help you structure your affairs in the most beneficial way. Considerations are always given to both tax and non tax issues.


Here at Gower Accountancy, we aim to find suitable solutions for businesses in a variety of sectors and pride ourselves on the service that we provide to each and every one of our clients. For information or advice from our accountants for IT contractors, please contact us by phone on 0116 220 6019 or send an email to