Paying Too Much For Your Accounting?

Gower Accountants Offered MORE than Just Accounting

Are you paying £1,000+ per month for your accounting? Are you unhappy with the level of service you are receiving, and feel as though your money could go a lot further? 

If you are an Owner-Managed Business in Leicester, then Gower Accountancy can help. We offer a premium, bespoke service at a reduced cost, tailoring a cost-efficient package that is specific to your needs.  

Chartered Accountants in Leicester 

Gower Accountancy is a team of fully qualified, chartered accountants in Leicester – but that does not mean we charge excessive fees for our services. Ultimately, our goal is to help boost the profitability of your business, and that starts with our competitive rates. 

We offer a lot more than simple accountancy. In addition to the standard offering of bookkeeping, payroll, and tax management, we commit to becoming your dedicated business partner. You’ll have a team of highly knowledgeable accountants by your side, providing you with bespoke business support, helping you to save on tax and expenses, and guiding you down the most profitable path. 

Cost-efficient Accounting 

As part of our promise to save you money, we will never impose an accountancy service on your Owner-Managed Business that you do not truly need. During your consultation, we will discuss your business, its needs, and its goals in detail – and we will then be able to provide a tailored solution that ticks all the relevant boxes, nothing more.  

You will find that our Gower Accountants in Leicester have a particular eye for detail when it comes to bookkeeping. Essentially, we break down your costs in a logical way, and then analyse them through the eye of an experienced chartered accountant. We will be able to pinpoint the exact points of your cashflow where significant savings can be made, as we have done for many Owner-Managed Businesses in the past.   

Changing accountants 


Changing over to us from your previous accountant in Leicester is very simple. All you have to do is send one letter to your current accountant, and then we take care of the rest. In most cases, your existing accountant cannot charge you for providing the standard handover information. 

If you’d like to find out if we’d be a good fit for your Owner-Managed Business, then feel free to get in touch at your earliest convenience. We can chat over the phone, or meet for a coffee – whatever works for you. During this free consultation, we’ll be able to outline some of the ways in which we can immediately start saving your business money.  

Hemant Patel
Hemant Patel
I had a quick discussion with Javeed over Zoom about the issues I faced, and he was knowledgeable, clear and open when he was not certain and needed more information. Definitely someone you can have a good working relationship that I would recommend.
Amit Sinha
Amit Sinha
Awesome firm. Supported me in filling out a tax return and were both professional and highly responsive. They ensured I was clear on the process and provided additional guidance where needed. Highly recommend the firm and more specifically Javeed Baig.
Hanif Mitha
Hanif Mitha
I just want to say a big thank to Javeed and his team for all the advice, guidance and help you have provided over the past 5 years. The service has been excellent and professional. I would highly recommend using the services provided by Gower Accountancy.
Prasenjit Maity
Prasenjit Maity
HIGHLY RECOMMEND I went initially for a free consultation Q1 2019, and since then never looked back. The entire team at Gower Accountancy had plenty of time for me, answered all my questions, concerns in a timely fashion. We meet frequently face to face and offers me a personalised service which we don't get from the high street accounting firm. Friendly team, approachable and I recommend them. Director - Maity Consulting Ltd.
Terah Beauty
Terah Beauty
As a new business owner, I needed help when it came to submitting my tax. I rang through very late one evening and spoke with Javeed. He’s extremely pleasant on the phone; he asked me specific questions and followed up via email. The rest is history. My problem was solved without having to visit the office. I am a client for life. Thank you so much. I will highly recommend Gower Accountants. He did the job within a twinkle of an eye. I am so impressed
Dean James
Dean James
Did the work on time and understood my unusual home made systems.
Michael basalt
Michael basalt
Really good outfit and keep me honest with Inland Revenue.
Russell Johnson
Russell Johnson
I’ve been using Gower Accountants for a number of years now and have found Javeed and his team to be very helpful and reliable, and doing their utmost to submit my accounts to HMRC on time despite myself providing Information late. I would definitely recommend them to all driving instructors as I am.
ebrahim ali
ebrahim ali
I took advice from Gower Accountancy and was extremely impressed with their advice and service is doing my dad's tax returns. I would highly recommend them. Ebrahim

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

We understand that accountancy and tax can be complicated, and you are likely to have many questions. At any time, you can book a no-obligation consultation in which we can provide answers specific to your circumstances. For more general enquiries, however, feel free to browse our FAQs!

What does “chartered” mean?

A chartered accountant is an accountant who has studied accounting to a high level and completed three to five years' work experience, earning them a professional accreditation. Once qualified, a chartered accountant can join the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) or another professional body.

While a regular accountant is generally capable of providing straightforward accountancy services, a chartered accountant can become a far more valuable asset to your business. Due to their in-depth expertise, chartered accountants can advise on specific business and financial matters, including corporate finance, cash-flow forecasting, forensic accounting, and advanced tax planning.

As chartered accountants in Leicester, Gower are proud to uphold the professional and ethical codes of the ACCA - and we are dedicated to using our chartered status to help Owner-Managed Businesses in as many ways as possible.

I already have an accountant, do I need to change?

Does your existing accountant offer you a pro-active, flexible service at an excellent rate? Are they easily contactable? Do they save you money, and help you to make profitable business decisions?

If so, then it sounds like you’ve got a keeper! However, if you answered no to any of the questions, or fancy exploring your options a bit, then please get in touch for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Not all accountants were created equal; some simply provide a better service, save you more money, and provide more advanced levels of business advice. If you’d like to see just how much an expert chartered accountant can benefit your Owner-Managed Business in Leicester, Gower is ready to show you.

Are you the right accountants for my business?

We understand that choosing an accountant for your business is not a small decision, and one that should not be taken lightly. You need an accountant that you can trust, who will get to know your business inside-out and will always operate in your best interests.

We’re not saying that we’re perfect for everyone - but we do have decades of experience working with Owner-Managed Businesses of all sizes, across a vast range of sectors. Once we partner up with someone, we take the time to understand their business, their needs, and their goals - and then we give it our all. This has granted us a reputation of which we are very proud.

The best way for you to see if we’re a good fit is to talk over the phone, or meet for a coffee - a free meeting, with no obligation. Let’s have a chat about how we can help your business.

I need help urgently! What can you do?

If you are experiencing an accounting emergency, we would kindly ask you not to panic. We can help!

Our Accounts Emergency corner has gotten more than a few Owner-Managed Businesses out of a tight jam. If your accounts are in a bit of a mess, or you’ve received a nasty letter from HMRC, or anything else, we’ll fast-track you and offer a quick solution.

What are the benefits of hiring an accountant?

There are many benefits to hiring a good accountant. In addition to keeping your books, managing your payroll, and keeping your accounts up to date, your accountant can actually help you to save money and boost the profitability of your business.

The main benefits of hiring a chartered accountant in Leicester include:

  • Keeping you compliant - As an Owner-Managed Business, you are legally required to provide records of your accounts informatively, accurately, and consistently. There are a series of tax deadlines that must be met throughout the financial year, and if one of these is missed, it will result in a penalty.

As your trusted accountants, we can take care of everything, and thus guarantee that you remain in HMRC’s good books.

  • Reducing your taxes - Knowledgeable accountants can find legitimate ways to keep your tax payouts as low as possible. Whether through government schemes, flat rate schemes, or expense claims, there are many ways of reducing the tax that most businesses don’t know about.

As tax experts, we can ensure that you never pay a penny more in tax than necessary.

  • Making profitable business decisions - In order to make good business decisions, substantial knowledge of finance is often required. Without the knowledge of your business’s financial history, current state, and future forecast, your business could easily take a wrong turn.

By analysing your business’s finances and calculating logical forecasts, we can help to guide your business down the most profitable path.

Is it easy to change accountants?

If your current accountant isn’t providing the level of service you want, and you would like to move over to us, then the process couldn’t be simpler.

All it takes is just one letter from you, and then we take care of the rest. In most cases, your existing accountant cannot charge you for providing the standard handover information.

You seem to offer a lot, are your fees expensive?

We do indeed offer a wide range of accountancy services in Leicester - but our packages are tailored to match the specific needs of you and your business. We will never impose a service that you do not truly need.

Are we the cheapest accountants in Leicester? Probably not. But as far as value for money goes, we are confident that we cannot be beaten.

As with most things, the cheapest accountant is often the most expensive in the long run. Every penny that you spend with us will be applied with purpose, putting it to the best possible use - not just saving you money, but also increasing the profitability of your business.

As experienced, dedicated, highly-knowledgeable chartered accountants in Leicester, we provide a service that almost instantly repays itself in the value-added to your business.