Are Your Accounts In A Mess?

If you a sole trader, partnership or Limited company and you are behind with your accounts with Companies House and HMRC for a single year or more then you have come to the right place.

Falling behind with your accounts and compliance requirements is a difficult and stressful position to be in. Worse still it could lead to prosecution and investigation into your affairs.

This particular problem has a domino effect as missing one deadline usually means falling foul of future deadlines and the problem simply compounds itself.

Do you suffer from some or all of the following?:-

  • Continuous letters about outstanding penalties and missed deadlines
  • Mounting paperwork that you are unable to get to grips with
  • Missing paperwork due unforeseen circumstances
  • Sinking feeling about the tax and penalties owed
  • Stress and sleepless nights as the problem has grown out of hand

Does your paperwork look like this?

At Gower Accountancy we bring much needed practical guidance and a wealth of experience to detangle your situation.

Our initial FREE CONSULTATION will give us an insight into your problem and from this we aim to do the following:-

  • Design a clear plan of action and identify any tax minimising opportunities
  • Deal with the most pressing issues urgently
  • Communicate with the relevant authorises
  • Collect, collate and organise your paperwork no matter how bad it is
  • Prepare accounts and file with the relevant authorities
  • Review to the structure for further tax savings
  • Assist with negotiations on payment plans for tax, interest and penalties

The fact is we enjoy the challenge of “messy accounts” and on each occasion we have not only tided the accounts and completed all the forms we have also reduced the tax bill to much lower than what was expected by our client and/or estimated by HM Revenue and Customs.

Here at Gower Accountancy, we aim to find suitable solutions for businesses in a variety of sectors and pride ourselves on the service that we provide to each and every one of our clients. We offer a professional, friendly and confidential service, so if your accounts require some attention, contact us today!