As a Sole Trader or Partnership business, you have two key dates to be concerned with in respect of your financial and legal responsibilities. The first is your accounting year end, and secondly HM Revenue and Customs filing date. How and when you prepare your accounts will depend on these dates. Whether your submissions are optimised to minimise your tax liability is another matter. Taking cost-effective advice from professionals can make a massive difference to your bottom line.

Whenever your accounting year end, we will prepare a full set of financial statements. The focus will be on ensuring that your accounts have been prepared accurately and all associated costs included to reduce your tax liability.

When the time comes to submit your tax return, the figures on your financial statements will be converted onto your tax return and your tax computations completed.

One of our aims regardless of your dates is to be timely and to have you ready for your payment of tax. As many of you know, setting aside money for an unexpected tax bill can be a challenge especially when one of the payments comes so shortly after Christmas.

accountants-leicester-partnership-year-endWhether you are organised or disorganised, if you have well kept records or shoe box of invoices, your can rest assured that we can help ease the burden, minimise your tax liability and get your financial affairs sorted out.

What’s more is that we pride ourselves in helping business move forward so if you have any queries or problems that your need assistance with then please don’t hesitate to call, after all unlocking the secret to financial freedom is what we enjoy most.