Construction Industry

The construction industry and those operating within it face, in our opinion, one of the most difficult challenges in managing their finances. Our experience tells us while operating within it can be very profitable, it takes skill and effort from all involved to ensure profit is genuinely materialised. This is where Gower Accountancy can really add value and save you time and money.

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The key to our success in this industry comes from 3 core competences:-

  1. We bring professional bookkeeping – everything is recorded in full with accurately in a software that suits your business style and requirements.
  2. We bring tax expertise – We cover your VAT, Payroll-Paye/NI, Contractor CIS, Subcontractor CIS, Corporation Tax, Income Tax & National Insurance. Tax mitigation then becomes a natural part of the process.
  3. Business expertise – We can tell you if your project is meeting financial targets. We can design reports, progress charts & set up systems according to your requirements.

Managing all of the above is a complex affair and we take pride in our ability to do this and to do it well.

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